Manage color sensors comfortably from the PC

Manage up to 255 color sensors at one COM port

The CR-COMBox supplements the product program of the CROMLAVIEW® color sensor family and can be combined with the sensors CR100, CR200 and CR210. The CR-COMBox is a multiport repeater / hub based on RS232, and its robust make is intended for industrial use. When connecting, each CROMLAVIEW® color sensor can be addressed separately. The address space facilitates the connection of up to 255 color sensors, which can thus be operated from one COM port. 7 color sensors can be connected to one CR-COMBox. When cascading the CR-COMBoxes, the UPLINK connector is linked with the PC connector of the next CR-COMBox instead of a sensor. The CR-COMBox is powered by the connected sensors, which have especially been equipped for operation at a CR-COMBox. An external power supply is not necessary. The reduced cabling effort for large distances between central control and sensors is a further advantage, as there is only one RS232 cable that needs to be installed from the control to the operating site.


  • 7 sensors can be connected to one CR-COMBox
  • Cascading allows the connection of up to 255 sensors
  • No external power supply (is done by the connected sensors)
  • Reduced cabling efforts

Technical Data


  • 6/7 CROMLAVIEW®-sensors
  • 1 PC/SPS


8 LEDs for state of readiness

Protection standard

IP 65

Power supply

18 ... 28 VDC, max. 500 mA

Case temperature during operation

-10 °C ... 55 °C


65 mm x 85 mm x 19 mm


Approx. 100 g


Dr. Gundolf Geske

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