Fiber spacer

Fiber spacer; 0° and 45°


Fiber spacers have been designed for applications under laboratory conditions or for manual test stations. Defined distances of up to 10 mm can be adjusted. A 45°-version can be used to avoid measuring direct reflections on shiny or glossy surfaces. For mat surfaces the 0°-version is the better choice, because of the higher signal leveling.

    Part numbers
    14-3000-00 Fiber spacer for sleeve type C2.0, straight
    14-3000-01 Fiber spacer for sleeve type C2.0, 45°

Technical Features

Fiber sleeve type

C2.0 (M6)



Adjustment range

Approx. 10 mm


Stainless steel/Acryl

Measuring angle

0°, 45°


Dr. Gundolf Geske

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