External stabilization target for CR200

External stabilization target for the CROMLAVIEW® CR200


External stabilization target for the CROMLAVIEW® CR200 for operation in the stabilization mode
The second channel of the CR200 stabilizes the CR200 sensor by reflecting the measuring light to a color target, which is considered to be stable, and is recorded then. As the sensing channel and the stabilization channel are built identically, and the level of synchronism is high, deviations in the stabilization channel are also assumed in the sensing channel and therefore accordingly compensated. As the gain range of the sensor is wide (1 ... 800), targets with different reflectivity are included. These are:

  • RAL 9003 Gain range 1 - 40
  • RAL 7046 Gain range 4 - 80
  • Black gain range 40 - 800

In order to facilitate optimal level control, the screw-in depth of the fiber optics can be varied using the M6 thread, and thus the intensity can be adjusted.

Technical Features

Connection fiber optics head

C2.0 (M6)



Adjustment range

Approx. 25 mm


Dr. Gundolf Geske

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