LED Distance Sensor

The LDS10A is an optoelectronic distance sensor for a wide range of industrial applications.
It works contact-free with use of harmless invisible LED-lighting and performs with a new unique sensing technology based on time-of-flight principle and sophisticated signal processing algorithms.


The LDS10A is the basic type of ASTECHs new distance sensor series. Its extremely simple and robust design enables the LDS10A to realize distance sensing and presence detection applications with an unbeaten Price-Performance ratio.

  • Distance sensing on natural solid surfaces up to 10 m
  • Object presence detection
  • Fill level measurement
  • Area intrusion surveillance
  • Hot metal detection up to 1200 °C
  • Storage box allocation monitoring
  • Stack height observation
  • Traffic surveillance
  • Vehicle dimension monitoring


  • Reflector-less distance sensing on various surfaces
  • Safe operation even in public places by LED-lighting (No laser)
  • Unbeaten Price-Performance-Ratio
  • One connection cable for supply voltage, serial data interface, switching and analogue output
  • Customized parameterization via PC
  • Programmable analogue and digital interfaces
  • Robust, compact housing, easy to install
  • Protection standard IP 67

Technical Data

Measuring range1

0 m … 10 m onto natural target (20 % reflection)
0 m … 40 m onto target board (90% reflection)

Measuring uncertainty2 ± 50 mm
Reproducibility1 ± 5 mm
Resolution 1 mm
Measuring frequency 2.2 Hz ... 140 Hz
Lighting Infrared-LED, 850 nm
Lighting classification “Exempt class” according to IEC 62471:2006
Operating temperature -10 °C ... +50 °C
Storage temperature -40 °C ... +70 °C
Lighting beam divergence
Receiver beam divergence
Operating temperature -25 °C ... +75 °C
Supply voltage

24 V DC (protected against voltage reversal)

Power consumption < 3 W
Serial data interface RS485, MODBUS RTU, 19.200 Baud
Digital output 2x PNP, NO/NC selectable
Analogue output

4 mA ... 20 mA current output,
Adjustable range limits, 10-bit

Status indicator 2x RGB-LED on top cover
Connector 8 pin, M12-standard, male
Housing material

Aluminum, powder-coated


131 mm x 64 mm x 50 mm, incl. connector

Weight 280 g

2 holes for M4 screws, 105 mm x 56 mm

Protection class IP 67
EMC IEC 61326-1

Remarks on the technical data of the LDM41A and LDM 42A

1 Dependent on target reflectance, influence of extraneous light and atmospheric conditions
2 Statistical spread of 95 %



Mr. Daniel Strandt

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