Immersion probe with Tee

Immersion probe with Tee

Immersion probe for in situ color measurement
The immersion probe for CROMLAVIEW® color sensors is suitabel for in situ color measurement in liquids. In chemical industry, color and color saturation of liquids are often indicators for the concentration of a solution to be determined or they indicate the state of a chemical reaction. The same applies to the analysis of water, cleaning fluids or solvents. Areas of application are, for example, the detection of dye residuals, active oxygen or suspended particles. A tee piece with 3/4“ thread connections makes it easy to connect the probe in such applications.


The immersion probe is connected to a color sensor of the CROMLAVIEW® color sensor family by means of a temperature stable (up to 180 ° C) and liquid-tight reflex mode fiber cable. The emitted light is reflected by a polished plate. The adjustable measuring length (0 mm – 10 mm) ensures a large dynamic range. A suitable Tee is available. For sealing of fiber cable as well as immersion probe in the Tee, merchantable Teflon tape is recommended. For cleaning purposes reflection plate is removable.


  • Measuring length 0 – 10 mm
  • Min. flow diameter 22,6 mm
  • 2 x NPT F ¾“ thread
  • for C2.0-fiber cable connection (M6)
  • resistant chromium steel

Notation Part Number Image
Immersion probe 14-3004-00

Tee for immersion probe 14-3005-00

Technical Data

Measuring length

0 mm - 10 mm

optical fiber connection

C2.0 (M6)

Theaded connectors

2 × NPT F ¾“


Chromium steel type 316


80 mm x 37 mm x 30 mm


345 g


Optical fibers



Herr Dr. Gundolf Geske

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